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i’m that friend that has to walk behind the group when the path isn’t big enough. i’m that friend that gets cut off in the conversation. i’m that friend that gets left behind when i asked for them to wait for me. i’m that friend that doesn’t get invited to hang out alot. i’m that friend that if i want to go to the mall or some place with a friend i have to be the one to invite people to make sure i get included. i’ll always be that friend.


i want a bf :/

and by bf i mean Benjamin Franklin as in a 100 dollar bill

Best of Free! → Hair Color Swap
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We aren’t human. We are ghouls.



So the designs for this years Prince Summer! is finally out! If the boys didn’t stand out before they sure do now. Banners of the boys are located in Harajuku this year which is a significant fashion and shopping region so these outfit definitely look the part. Starting July 26, the boys will also be on display in the newly opened SHINING STORE. Check out toki_ma's twitter for pictures of the banners!

I used to have shoes exactly like Syo’s and the only reason I don’t wear them still is because I wore them SO MUCH that they are no longer pink.

Oh, and since I didn’t really express this the first time I reblogged these, I think this is great graphic design and a great campaign.



Tokya, Natsuki, Masato, and Ai…WTF are those shoes with those outfits?

Ren congrats you managed to make your shoes stand out more than the flower print and lime green shirt.

Camus where the fuck are your socks???

And look out guys, Cecil is about to go disco on your ass.

Ryo-kun (Toudou’s actor) was talking/thanking about how happy he was and how much fun he had during the pedal stage (it was his first time in pedal stage!! he replaced tama-chan, the previous actor for toudou), he was crying and talking at the same time, so Tomoki (Maki-chan’s actor) came to console him www and helped him to deliver the last sentence. They WeRE So DamN Cute


Ao Haru Ride Live Action 30 second trailer released! 

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