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Doll. [ Kuroshitsuji ]

↳ Requested by Viva-la-heichou.

gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun


残響のテロル //  久見 冬二

there was never any sanity to begin with.


Sorry, the name is awful :D plus, I think, that is the lamest one I’ve made :D
But all the items are new, untouched, unused. Just there is no particular theme of giveaway, just stuff that is left after other giveaway.
So here there are:
-FUTURE FISH Rin poster and Haru poster
-FUTURE FISH clear folder
-2 posters / book covers
- Iwatobi official keychain
-Memorial letter collection card with MakoRin photo inside
- Haru Lawson campaign clear folder
- Nagisa Charapuka special figure
- Rei butterfly bracelet

- Reblog (no follow needed)
- International/EMS shipping (on me)
- Please, open the ask box in case you win
- Closing date: 1st September

Thank you! And Please, reblog!

Fun Date Ideas for you and your Manga Obsessed Crush ft. Sakura and Nozaki

Tokyo Ghoul ED art work


He walked away and got mad because you still have a lot of emotional growth to go though. I am actually really glad this happend. I’ve never seen an anime about two gay guys and I”m glad there creating something that at least resembles relatity. Not sure if I’m gonna keep it as a show but I’m glad at least this part is being taken seriously. It would have been depressing if they actually had sex. Anyone else feel this way?


the worst thing ever is when you can feel someone getting bored with you